Yelp: The Numbers Don’t Lie

I like Yelp. When they started to gain traction and popularity in Vancouver I thought there was an opportunity for consumers to have a genuine alternative to the disingenuous competition as it relates to my industry. However as time passes … Continue Reading

How To Hire Movers in Vancouver – Redux

Hiring a mover in Vancouver is like going to the dentist, no one enjoys the process. But in the same way that preventative maintenance lessens dental pain, a thorough and pragmatic search can lessen chances of a poor move. All … Continue Reading

Death of the Testimonial | Can HomeStars Be Trusted?

Is the testimonial dead? You know the ones – from sites that urge you to “read reviews and write reviews.” There was a time when a testimonial was a valuable addition to a company profile: a laudatory acknowledgment of a … Continue Reading