Why Movers in Vancouver Need Proper Training


This past year the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) shone a bright light on the moving industry. In a series of missives they exposed the feckless TSM, rogue movers across the country, and in a novel twist, gave the … Continue Reading

Plastic Moving Boxes In Vancouver? Just Say No!

Movers Vancouver - Citymove.ca

What is the difference between plastic moving boxes and two minute noodles? Everyone knows two minute noodles are rubbish.

Recently there has been an onset of companies promoting the use of plastic moving boxes as environmentally friendly and convenient, but … Continue Reading

What You Need To Know About Insurance: terminus a quo.


To paraphrase Churchill, “Insurance companies never draw a line without blurring it.”

Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, insurance is a subject worthy of illumination. But where do you start? Let me illustrate an … Continue Reading

How Long Will My Move Take?


When quizzed about how much time a move might take, my former boss liked to say “It takes what it takes.” And while there is nothing like a Bertuzzi-esque circular tautology to bring a smile to a customers’ face, these … Continue Reading

Storage Facilities or Storage Containers?


Movers in Vancouver can guide you through a trifecta of choices when it comes to storage requirements. From a locker at a storage facility to a container delivered to your home or a moving company’s in-house arrangement, there are many … Continue Reading

How To Hire Movers in Vancouver – Redux


Hiring a mover in Vancouver is like going to the dentist, no one enjoys the process. But in the same way that preventative maintenance lessens dental pain, a thorough and pragmatic search can lessen chances of a poor move. All … Continue Reading

Top 7 Moving Tips to Save $100!


I have a hundred-dollar bill with your name on it. Interested? I thought you might be. Did you know people waste at least this much money on an average move? Through inefficiency and a lack of attention to detail, customers … Continue Reading

The Egoistic Tip


Picture this; you go out for dinner to your favorite restaurant and the waiter shuffles a dozen or so items between your table and the service area. If the service is good, perhaps you leave ten to 20 percent of … Continue Reading

Death of the Testimonial | Can HomeStars Be Trusted?


Is the testimonial dead? You know the ones – from sites that urge you to “read reviews and write reviews.” There was a time when a testimonial was a valuable addition to a company profile: a laudatory acknowledgment of a … Continue Reading

What You Didn’t Know About Trucks


“‘So what size trucks do you have?” It is probably the second most common question from a customer behind “How much do you charge per hour?” But unlike the dollar figure per hour question, truck size as it relates to … Continue Reading