The Egoistic Tip

Picture this; you go out for dinner to your favorite restaurant and the waiter shuffles a dozen or so items between your table and the service area. If the service is good, perhaps you leave ten to 20 percent of … Continue Reading

Death of the Testimonial | Can HomeStars Be Trusted?

Is the testimonial dead? You know the ones – from sites that urge you to “read reviews and write reviews.” There was a time when a testimonial was a valuable addition to a company profile: a laudatory acknowledgment of a … Continue Reading

What You Didn’t Know About Trucks

“‘So what size trucks do you have?” It is probably the second most common question from a customer behind “How much do you charge per hour?” But unlike the dollar figure per hour question, truck size as it relates to … Continue Reading

Is Three a Crowd?

Hiring a moving company is a daunting process with a multitude of choices. Each company highlights what they believe a customer is looking for; some draw attention to their price, others to their service. Inherent within the price and service … Continue Reading

Paper vs. Plastic

Moving Companies Vancouver

An integral part of the moving process involves preparation. This preparation has many elements; from hiring a mover and reserving an elevator to packing the contents of your place. Boxes, packing paper, tape, and mattress bags are just a few … Continue Reading

How To Hire a Mover


It’s moving time and you are looking for a bargain. Who can blame you, the economy is in a downturn and people want the best value they can find. So you turn to the internet and you find a 100 … Continue Reading