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Winter Storm – Icy slippery roads and localized flooding the headline blared. The evening before I had contacted our customer to explain that road conditions were poor and we would have to see what the morning brought. Fast forward …

You Can’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Packing Services = Waste of Money




Imagine ordering a pizza and it arrives two slices short. This is what you get when you use a packing service instead of a professional mover to prepare for a move.

A typical packing service comes to your …

Business Owners Hate Yelp (and no, its not the bad reviews)


In December of 2015 I wrote a blog post that suggested an attempt by a few Vancouver moving companies to hornswoggle the system on Yelp. Fast forward a year and wow have there been some dramatic developments, but first some …

How To Read Online Reviews For Moving Companies – The 3 P’s


Online reviews can be a powerful selling tool for movers in Vancouver, they can also be misleading, exaggerated and downright disengenuous. Every consumer has different expectations of their mover, by understanding your needs you can better interpret and compare reviews …

Stan: Honorary Canadian, Mountain Biking Amateur.


A Disgrace Called The Vancouver Better Business Bureau


Is it time to take the Vancouver Better Business Bureau around back of the shed? I certainly think so. In 2010 the CBC wrote an expose on the pay for play (P4P) nature of the Vancouver BBB which highlighted the …

Parking Enforcement In Vancouver : The Good The Bad And The Ugly.


*Language alert: If bad language offends tune out now!

Over the course of the past decade we’ve had many occasions to interact with parking enforcement officers in Vancouver, with a variety of results.


The Good

When you …

Yelp: The Numbers Don’t Lie

I like Yelp. When they started to gain traction and popularity in Vancouver I thought there was an opportunity for consumers to have a genuine alternative to the disingenuous competition as it relates to my industry. However as time passes …

Does Google Play Favorites on Adwords?

We use Google Adwords as part of a comprehensive strategy to promote our business on the web because it’s effective though inexorably expensive and subject to spam clicks, says my subjective opinion. What happens though when Google confers a tangible …