Keith Liedtke – Blowhard Realtor



Winter Storm – Icy slippery roads and localized flooding the headline blared. The evening before I had contacted our customer to explain that road conditions were poor and we would have to see what the morning brought. Fast forward 10 hours and we can’t get the truck off the curb into traffic owing to the slush and icy conditions. I called our customer to explain our predicament; ‘Not my problem!’ Indeed. Eventually we were able to get traction and begin driving toward Richmond only to get bogged down again a block from the customers’ house on his unplowed side street. He approached and I made clear there was nothing more I could do in light of the road conditions. ‘I didn’t realize your truck was so useless.’ Indeed. Eventually we managed to extricate ourselves and head back to base.

Two hours later receive a call from the customers’ real estate agent who asks me if I have anything more to say regarding the morning debaclé? Now, I don’t speak ‘realtor’ so I asked him to be less elliptical – obviously annoyed, this is what he barfed up:

Do you know who I am? Your business depends on people like me and I’m going to ruin your business. I’m going to to report you to the Better Business Bureau, blah, blah, blah. 



Click. I’d heard enough.

The moving industry cops a lot of flack from the public and some of it is deserved. I can almost understand a customer talking to me like I was wearing a Kick Me sign, however when an asshat real estate agent with whom we’ve had Ø business dealings threatens us, he has fully crossed the line.

Congratulations Keith Liedtke, you are now officially The Blowhard Realtor – Re/Max Westcoast.