Packing Services = Waste of Money




Imagine ordering a pizza and it arrives two slices short. This is what you get when you use a packing service instead of a professional mover to prepare for a move.

A typical packing service comes to your home and boxes up your kitchen, bedroom and study and that’s the extent of their service. However, there are more facets to genuine preparation than just putting things in boxes; furniture needs to be padded and shrink wrapped, beds disassembled, pictures blanket wrapped etc. The most appreciable difference between packing services and professional movers relates to organization. To move a household efficiently items go to the truck in a structured order. For example, boxes go first, then square items, a box spring, pictures, mirrors, glass, mattress, sofa etc. When a professional mover does the packing he puts things in boxes, preps all the furniture and centralizes it in the order it goes to the truck. This is essential when there are time constraints with elevator bookings.

Remember, preparing for a move requires a multifaceted approach to organization. To be thoroughly prepared you need more than stuff put in boxes, use a professional mover to get full value for your packing dollar.