How To Read Online Reviews For Moving Companies – The 3 P’s


Online reviews can be a powerful selling tool for movers in Vancouver, they can also be misleading, exaggerated and downright disengenuous. Every consumer has different expectations of their mover, by understanding your needs you can better interpret and compare reviews across a host of sites. Reviews can best be understood by categorizing them with the 3 P’s; Punctuality, Performance and Price.


You live in a condo with strict rules about the move out process. You’re allowed a 2 hour elevator booking at the move out location and the same at your new place, if you exceed your booking time you will be fined. And your mover is late, hours late. I can tell you from experience that being late is generally from poor preparation (i.e., understanding the requirements of a job) and not external variables, yes sh*t happens but by and large being late is not an act of God. So, when you are reading online reviews pay close attention to issues of punctuality, it may seem trivial but the impact on your move can be huge.


The biggest red flag you can garner from online reviews is wild fluctuations in performance. One review claims the company was the best in the business and the next gives them an incandescent 1 star. It’s expected there will be the occasional ordinary review but when you see a pattern of 5 star, 1 star etc. you should know this is a company to avoid. Why? Professionalism is consistency in all aspects of the service delivery.


Many people are price shoppers who want value for their money. When you are reading online reviews look to comments about hidden charges, fees and levies. All costs should be transparent and upfront, if you come across a reviewer who decries hidden fees or a final price that differs from the quoted price, move on.

Bad moving companies aren’t just bad in one area, they’re bad everywhere! Remember, consistency is the key: Your mover should be punctual with the necessary equipment and skills to transition your goods from one location to the next without issue at the quoted price. If you see inconsistent reviews you’ll get an inconsistent mover.