A Disgrace Called The Vancouver Better Business Bureau


Is it time to take the Vancouver Better Business Bureau around back of the shed? I certainly think so. In 2010 the CBC wrote an expose on the pay for play (P4P) nature of the Vancouver BBB which highlighted the unfair treatment non members receive when contrasted with member counterparts. For example, a non member moving company may have an A rating but if they were to receive 1 unresolved complaint they would immediately be demoted to F. By contrast, a member company can accrue numerous unresolved complaints yet still maintain their A rating. When asked about this discrepancy then President Lynda Pasacreta said, ‘You’ve caught me. And that’s all I can say on that one. You’ve caught me’. Now, any reasonable person might think the Vancouver BBB had learned their lesson after a very public embarrassment right? Nope, you’d be wrong.

For the past decade we’ve been in the furniture moving industry in Vancouver with a BBB file since 2003. Until recently we’ve maintained an A+ rating despite not being a BBB member. Earlier in the month I was told there was a dramatic ‘Red Letter Alert’ about our company on the BBB website, I clicked our link to find this notice in place of our previous A+ rating.



My first thought was WOW, whats happened here? As it turns out much ado about nothing, except when it comes to damaging our spotless reputation. Apparently the BBB had tried to send a piece of mail soliciting information about our company, not a complaint mind you, and it was returned by Canada Post.


Based upon this egregious violation of a policy that obviously applies to non members only, we were immediately and forthwith stripped of our A+ and relegated to ‘No Rating’ status. HEY BBB, it’s one thing to continually discriminate against non members but for God’s sake step firmly into the 20th century (yes, I know) and consider using email!

The Vancouver BBB continues to demonstrate an arrogance and an inability to learn from its mistakes of the past. Technology and a bevy of more egalitarian review sites have superceded this institutional dinosaur, irrelevance is coming your way BBB.


*Update: As of July 2015 our A+ rating has been restored.