Does Google Play Favorites on Adwords?

We use Google Adwords as part of a comprehensive strategy to promote our business on the web because it’s effective though inexorably expensive and subject to spam clicks, says my subjective opinion. What happens though when Google confers a tangible advantage upon a single company in a hyper competitive market? Bye bye subjectivity, hello anti competition.

In early June I noticed a furniture moving company with a terrific feature as part of their Adwords campaign. Image Extensions allows a paid advertiser a visual element to show rather than just tell. 


Given the competitive nature of the Vancouver market we too were interested to add this feature to our Adwords account and made application in mid June. And…nothing. As weeks turned into months there was no reply yet our competitor continues to have access to this feature as recently as yesterday. Why? No one at the overly caffeinated control centre for Adwords could tell me – ‘We’ll be happy to pass your concerns along to someone higher up’ was the oft repeated refrain (as she crunched up the paper and threw it in the round file).

I understand that a testing period for new Google products is the norm, but does it have to be at the exclusion of a level playing field? The more competitive the landscape the more distinct the advantage garnered when one company is afforded a leg up at the exclusion of others. It’s time to allow everyone an opportunity to participate with Image Extensions, to continue otherwise inhibits fair competition in the Vancouver marketplace.