Fixed Rate Quotes Pay Double

A fixed rate quote paired with an in home visit is an obfuscation designed to oversell a service while simultaneously playing upon a customers fear that movers are slow and unskilled.

Local Vancouver movers typically charge one of two ways; by the hour or a fixed rate quote (FRQ). If you were to hire a moving company by the hour the clock starts when they arrive at your door and stops upon completion of the job, plus travel time. With a fixed rate quote a salesperson visits your home, has a look around, and gives you a firm price in advance of your move. The perceived advantage of the FRQ is cost certainty regardless of external variables such as worker efficiency, traffic, weather conditions, long carries etc. But is it good value? To my eye the FRQ allows for pushy salespeople to play upon the fears of the general public, i.e., movers are slow, unskilled bottom of the barrel workers who lack altruism. And while it is true that movers can be uneven in their service delivery the more salient issue, as it relates to FRQs, pertains to overselling a product. There is no good reason to have a FRQ for a local move if you hire a competent company. The advent of the internet combined with social media allows a customer to prudently research a company’s reputation. Separate the wheat from the chaff and hire a top rated company by the hour – and save your money!