Why Does The CBC Hate Movers? Because It’s Good Business


Over the past few years the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has repeatedly put the boots to Two Small Men With Big Hearts moving company. Billed as North America’s largest network of independent moving companies, TSM has consistently come under scrutiny by the national public radio and television broadcaster. From claims of negligence and  incompetence to more recently extortion, the CBC articles have exposed TSM as a very ordinary service provider. But if you are to look more carefully at the CBC articles you get the impression there is also an agenda being served.

Let’s face it, movers are drop kicks: low paid, uneducated, bottom of the barrel workers and this is precisely the stereotype the CBC is banking on when it does this type of exposé. I mean ask yourself, when was the last time you saw stories about movers that were positive? Let me answer: Never! The CBC churns out this type of hit piece because they can. Under the guise of Consumer Watchdog they allowed to hammer a company and an industry, while the unwashed masses clamour for justice and retribution in the Comments section of the article. It’s a win-win as the CBC throws out some red meat, the dogs of society howl for more, and traffic to the website increases.

The moving industry does have its issues and I’ve written about them extensively over the years. My suggestion to the CBC is this; The next time you are gearing up to take a swing at TSM perhaps you should refocus your attention upon the politicians who refuse to regulate this industry, or perhaps that would be biting the hand that feeds you?