Binners are Winners!

We were driving from a largely disorganized job when the usually reticent “H” (or haitch, if you prefer) spied a green dumpster in the alley and murmured ” A customers’ best friend”. Hah! – good one methinks.

It’s true, a fundamental mistake made in the preparation for a move is the lack of purging. Instead of using the opportunity to throw sh*t away, people invariably drag their trap to the new venue with predictable results. Take for example a recent move we did from a large one bedroom to a smaller one. People generally have poor spatial recognition and after we unloaded the items there wasn’t a foot of open walking space – the new apartment was turned into a storage locker much to the consternation of the wife, who exclaimed to her husband “I told you so”!

An outcome like this is common yet unnecessary; use the transition as an opportunity to divest yourself of the detritus. Yet perhaps you are not persuaded by my exhortations alone? Let me put it another way: The people we moved into the cosy one bedroom apartment could have saved about three hours or $250 by ridding themselves of their excess before the move and not after.

If you are unsure what to do with your odds and ends remember charities such as the Salvation Army will accept most of your stuff though it must be clean and undamaged. After that, start giving it to your new best friend: the dumpster in the back of your building, it’s a win-win.