Plastic Moving Boxes Will Kill You (and ruin your floors too)!!!

How much does a plastic moving box full of books weigh?


Answer: Over 90 pounds!

How much does a proper book box weigh when filled?

Answer: 36 pounds


At 2.5 times heavier than a proper book box, plastic moving crates are entirely inappropriate for moving books or any other heavy household items. Now I know what you are thinking; Nobody fills a large crate with books or cans or other heavy items? You better believe they do! We see it all the time and this is why proper moving boxes come in different sizes, to accommodate a range of household items. Now perhaps you aren’t too interested in the movers’ back, that is his job after all – to move heavy stuff. O.K., let me highlight an issue that may interest you.

Plastic moving boxes have a raised grid on the underside of the container, like this:


This raised grid, used presumably to prevent the crates from sliding around when they are stacked upon each other during transport, has the feel of 100 grit sand paper to the touch. Do you have any idea what happens when you load one of these plastic moving boxes with 90 pounds of books and slide it across your new hardwood floor? INSTANT DESTRUCTION! You’ ll leave more scratches than imaginable.

For some time now I’ve outlined the downsides of plastic moving boxes. Here is a brief summary so far;

1) Hard plastic tubs (PVC) are manufactured from petrochemicals; oil.

2) Each plastic moving box weighs almost 9 pound empty – meaning increased weight for your mover to lift and increased fuel consumption for the truck.

3) Slippery tapered sides make the crates very difficult to carry properly while protecting and isolating your back – one perceptive moving company in the U.S. called them “Workers Compensation Boxes” – and they are right!

4) The size and design of the plastic moving crate lends itself to significant overloading – e.g., a 90 pound book box.

5) The crates have a sand paper like grid on the bottom which can easily damage your wood floors.

Plastic moving crates are not a better way to move; they are complete rubbish in my opinion. Use proper sized cardboard boxes and avoid all the perils outlined above. For an expanded discussion of the points highlighted, please read my other posts on the topic;