Stop It!

Common sense is not so common.

What do magazines, rocks and paint cans have in common? They’re often used by Vancouver movers to prop doors open. Now I know what you think -”What does a door stop have to do with my move?” A lot actually. As I’ve touched on many times in the course of my blog posts, moving is all about the details. You don’t just get an expensive truck, throw on some flashy graphics and instantly become a skilled mover. The ability to move furniture carefully and efficiently mirrors the development of many faculties, from spatial intelligence and time management, to strength, patience and foresight.

Door stop usage is like the canary in the coal mine, an early harbinger of things to come. Why? The level of professionalism displayed by your mover is composed of constituent parts – the most elementary is the need to have properly opened doors. Let me give you an example. Say your mover uses a folded up magazine or rock to hold a door open and proceeds to move a sofa out of your apartment. It is very common to have part of the sofa bump or rub on the door as it passes through the frame, which can dislodge the magazine. The improperly held door then closes on the two movers, potentially damaging the sofa (the door handle digs into the fabric) or scratching the door as the feet drag along. Remember, details matter.