My Mover is ‘Bonded’; What Does This Mean?


Get your milk, I’m serving up dry toast.

Movers in Vancouver often advertise themselves as “Licensed – Bonded – Insured.”  You may be surprised to learn that “Bonded” doesn’t mean what you think.

Broadly speaking a bond is a form of insurance used to protect a business from losses caused by theft or incompetence. The three most common forms are fidelity bonds, contract bonds and miscellaneous bonds. And here in lies the confusion: the fidelity bond as it relates to movers, has nothing to do with a criminal background check. The fidelity bond protects a business if an employee steals or damages a customers’ property. Each company has a different bond value based on the property at risk, besides their commercial general liability insurance and cargo coverage.

Insurance issues related to residential furniture moving are complex and best understood by an expert in the field. If you have questions or concerns about insurance, as it relates to your move, I strongly suggest you speak to an insurance broker in your area.