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I saw this paid link recently on Google AdWords. What caught my eye wasn’t the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.) paying for ad space, but the body of the ad itself. “To Find Honest Ratings And Reviews” (italics added). The inference was clear: ratings and reviews found elsewhere may not be veracious. And they are right. I wrote about this in 2009 and the truthiness of ratings/reviews persists, though the topic is under increasing scrutiny. So what now?

With the subjective market for testimonials and reviews tightening up, where is a mover to get his props from? Ah, I am glad you asked. It seems the new kid on the block is a thread bare piece of puffery know as “Mover of the Year.” Awarded by organizations not worth knowing, to recipients not worth mentioning, this dubious distinction again sets the bar a little lower for the industry. However, I’m not all piss and vinegar. Ironically, I too, was recently chosen to receive this metaphorical kitty litter from an individual of absolute emotional honesty and infinitely superior wisdom. How could I say no?

We at Citymove.cagladly accept this nod of approval.