Something Stinks at Storage in Vancouver


Strong Language Warning: If strong language offends, tune out now!

What would you do if your 12 pack of beer had only ten bottles? If you are like most people you would bring it to management and expect a speedy resolution, either a price reduction or the extra bottles. What if management declined to do either, explaining that a case of ten was the standard, and everybody was doing it that way. You would raise your hand and call “Bullshit!”

Over the years I have moved a significant number of people into storage facilities. The overriding issue is generally the same; to get the proper sized locker for the number of things a person has. Through repetition and superior spatial awareness I can estimate the amount in the truck, to a certain locker size. If we have a half of a load we may ask the customer to reserve a ten by ten locker. This is where the problem began; I would go to preview the locker and be miffed to see it was not big enough – or the fit was very tight. It occurred many times before I quantified the issue: lockers are smaller than the advertised dimensions. A ten by ten was generally a nine by 9.5 – or less if there was a structural pillar or ventilation duct running through it. And this was not an occasional thing, as mostlockers were smaller than their advertised size.

After seeing this (primarily at the “big box” storage facilities in Vancouver) for many years I finally discussed it with a sales manager, whose business card I retained. I brought to his attention the discrepancy between the advertised size and the actual size of the lockers. Do you know what his response was? “Everybody is doing it.” (Emphasis mine.)

A ten by ten locker is 100 square feet and a nine by 9.5 is 85.5 square feet. The difference between the two is nearly 15 square feet! This equates to an extra 15 % for a product you are not receiving; the same as if you found ten beer in your 12 pack. Take a tape measure on your next trip to storage and remember if you are not getting what you paid for, call “bullshit!”