What You Need To Know About Insurance: terminus a quo.


To paraphrase Churchill, “Insurance companies never draw a line without blurring it.”

Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, insurance is a subject worthy of illumination. But where do you start? Let me illustrate an answer this way;

Indemnity Agreement. Co-Insurance. Perils Issued. Special Basis of Settlement. Right of Subrogation. Fungal Derivatives Exclusion. Third Party Liability. Material Change in Risk. Commercial General Liability. Professional Liability Exclusion. Sine Qua Non. Terrorism Exclusion Endorsement. Consequential Loss Assumption. Replacement Cost Endorsement. Aggregate Limit. Conditions Expressed Hereafter. Impairment of Recovery. LCD Soundsystem. Composite Insurance. Underwriting Agent. Intangible Loss. General Damage. Commercial Insurance Binder. Broad Forms. A Condition Precedent Thereto. Cross Liability. Insured Contract.

The lexicon of insurance as above, highlights the need for care and attention to detail when approaching the subject. If your move requires insurance coverage you should speak to an independent professional in the field, such as an insurance broker or your residential insurance representative. They can assess and advise, vis a vis the myriad issues surrounding moving coverages. Remember most professional moving companies carry a general commercial insurance that is suited to their needs.Do a little homework to ensure it is suited to your needs too.