Storage Facilities or Storage Containers?

Movers in Vancouver can guide you through a trifecta of choices when it comes to storage requirements. From a locker at a storage facility to a container delivered to your home or a moving company’s in-house arrangement, there are many choices. Each option brings different levels of convenience and price points. The question becomes; what is best for your moving needs?

A big box storage facility has many features. There are many locker sizes, price points, and security provisions. Additionally, a competitive market place has induced some facilities to offer 1st and sometimes 2nd months for free. Generally you can visit your locker to add/remove items at your convenience and the contract can be canceled with one month notice. The downside concerns double handling. Your movers deliver the goods to the storage facility and the bill is paid. When you leave the storage facility your movers will again charge an hourly minimum besides travel time to retrieve your goods. If you were to choose a portable storage container you may be able to avoid double handling costs – the container is loaded and unloaded once.

Portable storage containers delivered to homes are more limited in their size range v. a storage facility. A storage facility may have lockers up to 20ft by 20ft whereas the largest portable container I’ve seen is 16ft by 7ft. Additionally it is prudent to understand the spatial requirements for delivery of the containers. Companies use different mechanical devices to drop off the storage box at your house/apartment and some are better suited to working in tight areas. Also, portable storage containers generally have no tie down positions to secure your cargo, therefore it is advisable to pre-pack your goods with extra care. Remember too, once the container is loaded and picked up you will not have access to it until it is re-delivered.

Some moving companies in Vancouver offer in-house storage at their base. At first glance it may seem like a good option, however like all things the devil is in the details. For example, do they allow you access to your goods while in storage and at what cost? Is there a pick up and drop fee for the container? Additionally, you may want to visit their facility when you do the paperwork.

Each choice has its advantages. The key is to be objective about your requirements and do your homework. If you clearly establish how much is to be stored and for how long, you can get a better idea of the total costs and which option is best.

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