Is Three a Crowd?

Hiring a moving company is a daunting process with a multitude of choices. Each company highlights what they believe a customer is looking for; some draw attention to their price, others to their service. Inherent within the price and service consideration is the element of manpower: how many men does your job require? Generally an apartment move requires two men and a truck. However, recently I have seen advertisements which promote three men as standard instead of two. How can you assess the needs of your move?

There are several circumstances under which you can benefit from a third man. For example, if you have a one bedroom apartment (550-800 square feet) on the top floor of a three-story walk up, a third man could be beneficial. Why? First is the aspect of endurance – especially on heavy items. Two men go upstairs with a heavy sofa, next, one subs in and the other two go up: this cycling allows the pace to remain steady. An added benefit of a third man relates to time management. Perhaps you’ll move out of a three-story walk up and go to a building with an elevator booked for your exclusive use (e.g., noon till two pm)? Extra personnel can be beneficial in keeping to this strict schedule. Sheer volume of items to be moved is another third man indicator. If your apartment is a two bedroom (800-1200+ square feet), an extra man should be a careful consideration – especially with stairs or time restrictions. One last issue combined with those above is your moving date. If your move occurs at the end of the month, your mover has worked numerous jobs before yours; moving has a cumulative affect on a person and it is likely your mover is fatigued.

Remember, the devil is in the details. If you choose to have a third man on your job, it is important to clarify with your moving company the extent of his involvement. Sometimes a third can be a driver only, or, in the back of the truck when the other two work. By clearly establishing the role of the third man you ensure value for money.