How To Hire a Mover


It’s moving time and you are looking for a bargain. Who can blame you, the economy is in a downturn and people want the best value they can find. So you turn to the internet and you find a 100 or so listings  for ‘Movers’. But where do you start since they all appear similar at first glance? Here are a few valuable tips that will help you navigate the choices.

First, don’t bother responding to an ad without company name or contact phone number.

Second, be careful not to be a ‘price’ shopper alone – there are many ways to slow a job down, and you can best believe if you hire the cheapest they know all the tricks.

Third, beware of the silky smooth person answering the phone – you know, the one who promises you the company is always on time ( untrue, especially for afternoon bookings ), all the workers are all highly skilled and professional ( moving is a difficult job and turn over is often high – many swampers ((the helper)) have little hands on experience ) and the trucks are fully equipped ( many companies’ trucks are devoid of professional moving equipment ).

Fourth, look around to see which companys’ on the internet  have paid advertising elsewhere. Free ads are a nice bonus but paid advertising shows a  commitment to investing in themselves.

Fifth, check  on the companies you are interested in. For example, go to the Better Business Bureau website and search the company name. You can search the name on Google too.

If you follow these basic suggestions you will have a better chance of getting a good mover from the internet. They are out there, you just have to hunt for them. For more information on our company, please surf around on our website (,  as it provides a comprehensive review of our company and service.

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